A Duet With Darkness Standalone

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melnobu Just a quick post today to note that my Carniepunk short story (A Duet with Darkness) is now available for pre-order as an e-short. Should be out on September 8th, so if you wanted to read it but didn’t feel like buying the entire Carniepunk anthology, here’s your chance to pick it up. I’ve put a few pre-order links below. (No specific cover for it yet, but I figure Darchala’s art is totally worth posting a second time because it is awesome.) Kindle Nook iTunes Google  … Read more

Inside Jokes and Updates

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laughingallison This past week I was on a panel on Humor at Authors After Dark. One of the main themes was determining how you knew something was funny or not – and the prevailing thought was that if it was funny to you, it would probably be funny to readers. (I think that’s pretty much the thing though, it’s it? I mean, you can’t make everyone happy, but whatever the concept is, if you please yourself, you’re bound to please at least some people, and that’s the goal.) At any rate, I had noted that I tend to put a fair number of inside jokes in the Abby books – things that I’m not entirely sure other people will get, but *I* know what they mean, and it meant something for me to put it in there. I made a brief mention on how Abby points out there’s bound to be… Read more

somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond

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Boulet-Susan-Seddon-Oshun I had something different I was going to write about today. I suspect many of us did. And whenever stuff like this happens, I always debate if it’s even worth it to say anything at all – after all, I’m not exactly particularly gifted when it comes to blog posts. (And as per usual, there are always people out there who say what I want better than I can, so I usually just leave it up to them.) But you know, depression or bi-polar disorder or any one of those other mental diseases out there – we can’t just continue to push them under the rug. There’s always been a stigma surrounding them and a misunderstanding by people who aren’t affected (or who don’t know anyone who is affected.) Just like those of us with more physical chronic “invisible” illnesses, it’s very easy for others to point and say “oh,… Read more


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badassunicorn This past weekend was the time of conventions apparently. Between SDCC, RWA and assorted smaller venues, pretty much everyone I know was at something.  And while I would have liked to be there, I was traveling up and back from NJ to pick up the oldest sprog from summer camp. (Lots of driving this summer, whew.) But driving leaves room for brainstorming and sometimes just finding time for that sort of thing is priceless.  (It’s easy to zone out and let the mind drift, particularly if the other passengers are sleeping or whatever.) And I’m a fan of percolation – sometimes ideas just aren’t ready yet and forcing them before their time can make for a harder road.  At any rate, I was revisiting something I’d started a while back – a concept I really liked, but wasn’t quite sure how to tie the individual bits into some sort of continuity and suddenly it… Read more

Giving an Avatar a Chance

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THE LEGEND OF KORRA So it turns out that the latest season of Korra has suddenly been moved to digital only due to bad ratings.  I’m assuming it’s going to be a bit more complex than that, but hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow. But ratings aside, you wouldn’t think Korra was in any trouble by living in my house. Lucy adores the newest incarnation of the Avatar series – in fact, we’ve watched every episode of the current season 2 or 3 times this week alone. And really, why wouldn’t she? The main character is a young woman of color, set in a familiar, beloved world. Sure there are plenty of plot issues and flaws, but looking at it from the perspective of a seven year old girl, that doesn’t particularly matter – what *does* matter is representation. Korra is young, headstrong, brash, impulsive, and physically muscular. She has cool powers and an animal companion and… Read more