Waiting on Something Good

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MOBY-cover-final-US1-220x327 I don’t really do book reviews – mostly because I don’t have time, but since I read this one when I was on vacation and the Outlander series has some special meaning for me, I figured why not?  (No spoilers, though…) And to back story that – when I was in college (or possibly high school, I can’t remember), my mom insisted I needed to read Outlander. Which was sort of odd for her – we didn’t generally read the same types of books – to be honest, the only time we really crossed paths was the Outlander series…and Kushiel’s Dart (which surprised both of us when she actually took my recommendation…and really  liked it. Even though she wasn’t a SF/F reader, KD became the gateway to a few other series she enjoyed, notably the Robin Hobb Assassin books. At any rate, I sat on Outlander for a few days, not… Read more

In the Pipe…

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chess-queen-takes-bishop-aliens-1316288955p Not quite 5 x 5. Not yet. Yes, it’s an Aliens reference – but it’s been that sort of week. (And I watched it again the other night – it’s one of those comfort movies for me, for some odd reason.) At any rate, radio silence being what it is, I’ve just been completely slammed – the volume of paperwork required for the kids’ summer camps is somewhat baffling, not to mention the crazy amounts of running about, and a fair number of contractors stopping by. (Mostly for estimates, but everyone’s trying to sell something. And really, why is it that nearly every contractor badmouths all the others? “Oh, you should have called me for X. You paid too much for Y.”  No offense, but making the homeowner feel like an ass isn’t the way to get their business. Just saying.) And the dog. The dog. Little miss Maggie, who has… Read more

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

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sleep2 I had a sleep study done last week on the advisement of one of my docs. It was mostly one of those things where they don’t necessarily suspect anything, but they want to rule out the particulars of sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome. The good news is I passed with flying colors. The bad news…eh, still not getting a lot of good rest. The sleep doc suggested I probably had an immunodeficiency of some type, which yes, I do – but in some ways it was a relief to not have one more thing going on. (I really, really didn’t want to have to deal with a CPAP on top of everything else.) I’m a pretty high stress person -my brain is always whirling with something, even when I’m so exhausted I can’t directly focus on anything. I sort of wonder if most creative sorts have issues with sleep… Read more

Squeaky Wheel

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boner_2 If you’ve followed the blog for any length of time, you’ll probably know I’ve had some rather expensive house issues over the last few years. In a nutshell, whoever put our house together was probably smoking something because everything from the wiring to the windows is basically shit. And we’re not the first owners, but the house is in that 15 – 20 year age range so guess that’s when stuff really starts breaking. Hence having to replace both AC/furnace units last year…and the complete clusterfuck that was our bathroom the year before. And the guy who lived there previously was a tool-time bonehead who did a lot of his own fixing and such, but didn’t bother building anything to code. Like our deck. Or the outlets he added to the bathrooms without grounding properly. Good times. And we have stuff we’d really like to do – new carpets, some paint,… Read more

CrowdSurfing for CrowdSourcing

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fox_and_willow_on_patreon__by_aimo-d7fo7ly One of the things about side projects is that they can have a tendency to cost money. I’m no stranger to that – I ran my gaming forum for nearly 10 years out of my own pocket, to the tune of $400 a year.  I never asked anyone to contribute to it because I never really thought about it. It was my project, and my responsibility and that’s all there was to it. In hindsight, maybe I should have. We talk about what an item’s intrinsic value is, though so much of that is in the eye of the beholder. (Just look at all the crazy stuff people collect – a worthless stuffed toy to you might mean everything to me.) And the same is true for consumed media. Ebooks in particular have been in the thick of it – the argument of whether selling books at .99 is a… Read more