Tangled Threads

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2016-02-10 07.36.52 I’ve been picking up my sewing in the evenings over the last week or so. Part of this is because I so rarely seem to find time do it. Since I’m waiting on feedback from my agent, I decided a few days of guilt-free crafting was deserved. As hobbies go, it’s definitely one that doesn’t feel worth it unless I have at least a solid hour or more – it’s very frustrating to get everything set up and finally get into that rhythm only to be interrupted 15 minutes later. (And don’t get me started on “distractions” like the TV – as background noise, it’s fine, but if I’m actually trying to watch it, it becomes a disaster – lots of counting mistakes when I’m not paying attention to where I am in the pattern. There is nothing more heartbreaking than getting 2/3 through a big sewing project only to… Read more

Sitting Pretty

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2016-01-23 15.26.10 So we all survived the winter storm, more or less. Not that 30 inches is anything to sneeze at – but we didn’t lose power, and quite frankly that was the one thing I was really worried about. The kids were off of school for over a week, but aside from that, everything was pretty good. No harm done. Not sure if we’ll be getting anything else this winter or not, but I’ve about had my fill of precipitation at the moment. It’s cool with me if we move right into Spring now. In the meantime, I’ve been editing away on this new(ish) book. Finally got that out to the agent the other night, and I’m giving myself a few days to not look at anything of my own. Beta reads for friends, absolutely, but I’d gotten to the point on my own manuscript where it seemed like everything sucked.… Read more

The Calm Before the Storm

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2016-01-22 07.15.08 I took a picture of the sunrise this morning. I hadn’t been sleeping well anyway, so I figured I’d just get up, even though the kids have no school. Of course, somewhere around noon today the snow should start up and continue for about 36 hours. I’m not a big fan of snow hype – I like snow in general and this winter hasn’t felt like winter at all, given the unusually warm December we had. Be careful what you wish for and all that, I suppose. But this whole week has felt…off. Maybe it’s compounded by the fact that I signed up for this little Brighid course online where we are supposed to be looking for signs of Spring before Imbolc, and of course all I’m seeing is signs that we’re about to be royally dumped on by the Ice King. The way the models have been repeatedly lining… Read more

Notes and Things

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2016-01-14 08.30.26 I’m pretty sure if you ask most writers they have a fairly substantial pile of notebooks lying about. Whether they’re book bibles, or on specific research subjects, or simply inspirational journals, I would guess that most of us keep them. To be honest there’s nothing quite as satisfying for me as buying a fresh notebook. Starting a new book or story can be hard – those first few empty pages sometimes feel intimidating until you find the story’s rhythm. But notebooks are easy, simply because they give you permission to pretty much do anything. I tend to keep one with me at all times, usually because I never know if I’m going to be stuck somewhere and using the time for brainstorming is helpful. And as chaotic as I am, I’ll use the same notebook for multiple projects, just split up a bit, since I never know how inspiration will… Read more

Out of Tune

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Front_Cover_Image_Out_of_Tune_II So just a little post today to mention I’ve got a short story coming out in the upcoming Out of Tune Book 2 Anthology in May! Like the first volume, each story is based off of folk songs ¬†and murder ballads of various origin. Mine is loosely inspired by the Yeats poem The Stolen Child (which counts as a song, since it was set to music by Loreena McKennitt several years ago). Although the idea¬†looks like it would be a good fit for a Melanie/Abby story, it is not – this is a standalone piece. (Sorry Abby fans, I know you’re hoping for more – I am too.) Entitled Respawn, Reboot, it actually has more to do with playing MMORPGs and the way that online games have a tendency to suck us into an alternate reality. There’s a bit of a horror twist to it as well, but I will… Read more