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3907-experience There’s a so-called ancient Chinese curse out there that goes something like “may you live in interesting times.” It’s neither Chinese nor particularly ancient, but it sounds cool, and I suppose no one can deny the last few months have at least been…interesting. Interesting enough that my attempt at NaNoWriMo this year got completely derailed by the second week. Which is really a shame since I’d already managed to crank out a relatively easy 25k  on it by that point. New for me, to have a daily word count of 2k or more, but it was nice to see it happen. That being said, I’m not a huge fan of NaNo – in this case it was less about trying to write a book as much as me trying to press through a bit of writer’s block. Which it did. Don’t get me wrong, most of the writing is pure… Read more

Such Times

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2 I’ve actually been struggling to write this particular blog post for weeks. But I’ve been scrapping it and rewriting it because I keep stopping part way through and getting severely depressed. And I’m scrapping it again and simply leaving it with this quote, because in the end, I have to believe that we are better than this – and I need a break from the unrelenting political bullshit that just seems to go from bad to worse by the minute. That being said, I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a peaceful holiday. For myself, it will be kept fairly simple, with homemade Chinese food (no turkey this year, sorry!) and limited family. Otherwise, this weekend will involve heavy bouts of Dishonored 2 (at least in *that* dystopian society I can actually make some sort of difference), sewing, writing and probably a repeat binge watch of Yuri on Ice as I… Read more

Gather Ye Rosebuds…

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I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. Mostly because I have difficulty managing it. At one point I used have a major guilt complex if I wasn’t “being productive”  – which had a tendency to spur me on to try to always be accomplishing something. But that only goes so far and eventually I burned out pretty badly. There is a limit to time, after all and sometimes the recovery process can take a while. At any rate, when I took Lucy to horseback lessons last week, I met a woman learning to ride. It was her second lesson, she told me. She’d never had the time before – between raising a daughter (now 24) and becoming an ER doctor, she’d had to give up on anything that didn’t help accomplish her goals. And now that she was there and in a good place, by God she was going to learn… Read more


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2016-10-02-14-21-45 I spent most of Sunday out and about on the Skyline Drive portion of Shenandoah National Park. Partially because it was raining the last several days and everyone had a touch of cabin fever, but also I simply needed to get out of the house. It wasn’t a completely spontaneous trip – we’d mentioned it off and on as something to do with the kids if I was up to it, but since our Friday evening got completely washed out due to flooding in Old Town Alexandria, I figured we would at least drive out there and attempt a simple hike. Wedding anniversaries aside, I’m a pretty cheap date. At any rate, the other reason I needed to get out of the house and into the wild was to recalibrate some. I had a fairly productive weekend- making words on the self-pub edits, sussing out places to send out a… Read more

Creatively Uncreative

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hovermoon A billion years ago I took a creative writing course in college. And I pretty much hated it. Mostly because everyone in it was a lit major…and I wasn’t. I became a sort of pariah because I wanted to share passages from stories by Charles de Lint or Peter S. Beagle, instead of the proper sorts of “literary” works. In short, I was a genre-monkey – and hearing the professor compare my writing to that of Tolkien was both laughable and sad. Honestly, it’s because no one in the class had any frame of reference to anything fantasy/sci-fi and Tolkien was at least “acceptable” so, there you go. Neither here nor there – genre is what I like reading, and what I like writing – so when I got a call from Connor’s creative writing class teacher last year to come in and chat with her students about…well, whatever it is… Read more