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Waiting on Something Good

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I don’t really do book reviews – mostly because I don’t have time, but since I read this one when I was on vacation and the Outlander series has some special meaning for me, I figured why not?  (No spoilers, though…) And to back story that – when I was in college (or possibly high school, I can’t remember), my mom insisted I needed to read Outlander. Which was sort of odd for her – we didn’t generally read the same types of books – to be honest, the only time we really crossed paths was the Outlander series…and Kushiel’s Dart (which surprised both of us when she actually took my recommendation…and really  liked it. Even though she wasn’t a SF/F reader, KD became the gateway to a few other series she enjoyed, notably the Robin Hobb Assassin books. At any rate, I sat on Outlander for a few days, not… Read more

When To End a Series

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I was asked over Twitter this past weekend if A Trace of Moonlight is going to be the last Abby book. The short answer is: I don’t know.  The long answer is that Abby’s story arc ends with this third book. Does that mean it’s the end of her story completely? I hope not, but there are always a number of factors at play. There’s publisher requirements and those sorts of mundane topics…but it’s also about if there’s *room* for another story. Does it make sense to continue? Maybe. Maybe not. I had a conversation with a voice actor via Facebook a while back – and I had mentioned that I had no real idea what life was like for actors, but that I imagined it’s a lot like musicians or any sort of artist really – and that you’re only as good as your next gig, or book, or… Read more