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Fools Rush In: Whither the State of Publishing?

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I’ve often found Tarot cards to be useful tools – for writing, for soul-searching, for fun. The Fool has always struck me as a card of potential. Is he so absorbed with his own thoughts that he isn’t paying attention to the cliff he’s about to walk off? Is the dog warning him? Attempting to push him off? Is there another path we aren’t seeing? Or does the fool take the leap of faith to reap whatever rewards or failures await? Note the staff upon his shoulders, the red bag a representation of his earthly belongings (or perhaps emotional ones). Are they holding him back? Or symbolizing his need to be free? And yet, the stick may also be used for balance as he traverses the edge. The last few days in the publishing world have been in a bit of an upheaval. One moment, we learn about self-publishing queen Amanda Hocking… Read more

Bacon Bowls and Updates

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Yes, that is a bowl made out of bacon. I can think of few things more perfect than a bowl made of bacon, particularly this morning. First, I want to give a massive shout out to Simon Larter for getting a short story published in this Friday’s upcoming edition of Short Story America. Congrats, my friend. Second – had an awesome lunch yesterday with Sara McClung, a local writer that I’ve been meaning to get together and hang with for ages. She is awesome and I just want to thank her for the company and awesome conversation over dumplings at PF Chang’s. (And can’t wait to do the David Garrett Meet & Greet with her in Feb!) Third, I’m unfortunately going to have to announce that Danielle Poiesz is no longer my awesomesauce editor. (She’s still full of awesomesauce, actually…just not in the world of editing.) I won’t say I’m… Read more

Winds of Change

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By now there probably aren’t too many people in the pub world that aren’t aware of what’s going on over at Dorchester. And I’m not really planning on discussing all the sordid details – the pros and the cons of epubbing or if this move is truly an act of desperation vs a bold maneuver into the future. There are plenty of other places out there that have raging debates on the topic: Jim Hines Smart Bitches Dear Author JA Konrath And regardless of what the outcome is, no one can say the move isn’t polarizing. And of course, everyone feels terribly for the authors, most of whom were completely blindsided by the news – some of them had books that were scheduled to be released next month. And now? *poof* Or ebook only. As to the rest of it, I’m not entirely sure. Everyone seems to be clamoring in… Read more