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Building a Better Beast

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About five years ago I had a really nasty run-in with a computer built by Dell, which led me to 1) Swear I would never buy another piece of crap from them again and 2) Decide to build my own computer from scratch. And by “build myself” I mean buy the parts and let my more savvy techhead coworkers put it together. It’s a win-win, really. I get to build to my specs, coworkers get the fun of putting together a fairly high end machine and off we go. Not that I can’t do most of this stuff myself – over the years I upgraded various parts like video cards, sound cards, hard drives and the like. But when it comes to CPUs and whatnot, I get a little more nervous so I’d much rather have someone who does it on a regular basis put it all together. On the… Read more

Pink Magpie

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I’m probably not the only writer out there to name devices after their characters – I’ve got a computer named Brystion and an iPad named Phineas. It’s fun bit of arrogance, I guess. Around Christmas I had ordered a new laptop (which, as some of you know showed up broken.) The replacement came in last week and I’m happy to say it’s remained in good shape since then. I’d have talked about it earlier, but I wanted to wait and make sure it was all good. Call me a bit superstitious at this point, but there it is. Specwise, it’s not too bad. Certainly not a full on gaming machine or anything, but 8 gigs of ram and an i5 processor should see me through for a few years at the very least. It’s not quite as small as my netbook (which was about 10 inches), but at 13 inches,… Read more

Odds Bodkins

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Obviously I’ve been off the radar for a little while. Holiday stuff, mostly. Cleaning, baking, wrapping – all the usual trappings of family and food and too many people in close contact with each other for too long. Gifts that didn’t quite cut it. (Or in my case, gifts that didn’t happen. Seriously? I pre-order a specialty book for someone mid-November – signed, numbered and all that…knew it would get here after Christmas because it was a special order, etc…and just found out today that the website had the wrong god damned picture on it and they don’t have the special edition after all…and those special editions are sold out now everywhere else. *sigh*) And then there’s the laptop. See, my faithful little netbook is over 3 years old now. It’s slow. I  spilled tea on it about 6 months ago. While it was still on. And now the Ctrl keys don’t… Read more