Is There Something You’re Not Telling Me, Thomas?

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Yeah, okay. It struck me funny. And don’t blame me, I was a the train show for half the day, sweltering in the 90 degree heat. And my kids were massive Thomas the Tank Engine fans for several years, so I have quite a few of the trains lying around the house. I’m sure HO stands for something, but given that they were selling Spencer for $60, I’m not sure the description isn’t apt. I’d damn near have to prostitute myself to buy the rest of them for that price. The rest of the train show was actually pretty fun – they had the Civil War** re-enactors there (given that I basically live on a battlefield, this makes a lot of sense.) They kept lighting off the cannon every 15 minutes or so, but it was pretty cool. This year they also had a massive moon-bounce and other assorted fun,… Read more