Worldbuilding & Procrastination

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I’m procrastinating on my revisions tonight, although given this is the first amount of time I’ve felt almost human in the last 48 hours, I’m willing to give myself a bit of a pass. And really, there’s only so much of lying around in one’s own filth that I can take, so eventually I managed to haul my sorry carcass into the shower and that helped. (And honestly, I slept until noon yesterday, got up for an hour to find something to eat and then went back to bed. NyQuil is my friend. Mr Myn was good enough to take the day off from work and escaped somewhere with the children for most of the afternoon, and for that I am utterly grateful.) Sadly, my head seems to be waking up quite nicely, although I’m still feeling pretty weak overall. You wouldn’t think something as simple as snot would be… Read more

Romancing the Plot.

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I got a babysitter today. I’ve been skimming Danielle’s revision notes for the last week, but I hadn’t quite managed to get up the nerve to sit down and *really* go through them. Part of this is time, or lack thereof. Part of it is that I’m probably just a big-ass coward. But today, I figured no more excuses. (Plus I’m going to be chatting with her on the phone tomorrow and it would probably help if I knew what I was going to talk about. LOL.) Conveniently enough, my cousin is home from college on Spring Break, so I took advantage of her starving student status and offered her about 5 hours of work. Not that the kids are a tremendous amount all the time, but I really wanted some daylight hours to sort through the entire manuscript and all the notes (and make notes of my own), without… Read more

Give Me Chocolate or Give Me Death…

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You know – in case you didn’t really believe my tweet that my awesome editor, Danielle, sent me chocolate with my revisions. (Yes that is a pink Hello Kitty keyboard. Yes, I’m a freak. Sorry.) I’m still mulling the notes over, honestly – but in more of a potential “what can I do to really make this rock” sort of way than anything else. And because I know there will be two more books, I can also try to look at weaving some of the plots together so they will be a bit more cohesive between stories. I tend to think long-term. I’m very used to those long Fantasy epics, so when I first started writing, I assumed I could do the same thing…but as an aspiring author, writing a series is frowned upon – or at least pitching a book as part of one, anyway. As anyone who’s tried… Read more