Give Me Chocolate or Give Me Death…

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You know – in case you didn’t really believe my tweet that my awesome editor, Danielle, sent me chocolate with my revisions. (Yes that is a pink Hello Kitty keyboard. Yes, I’m a freak. Sorry.) I’m still mulling the notes over, honestly – but in more of a potential “what can I do to really make this rock” sort of way than anything else. And because I know there will be two more books, I can also try to look at weaving some of the plots together so they will be a bit more cohesive between stories. I tend to think long-term. I’m very used to those long Fantasy epics, so when I first started writing, I assumed I could do the same thing…but as an aspiring author, writing a series is frowned upon – or at least pitching a book as part of one, anyway. As anyone who’s tried… Read more