Harry Potter Earworm

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Brought to you by the awesome folks over at The Fifth District. And if you have no idea what’s going on here, the original can be found here –>… Read more

Procrastination Station

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Yeah, I’m working on my outline for Book 2. Which is sort of due next week. (Actually, I’ve got to mid-July, but I’m going on vacation next Friday and I’d really like to get it done before then.) So of course, I’m trolling youtube, because I work better that way. Really. And I found this brilliantly awesome and sexist 70’s commercial for the Dodge Charger: Which then led into this one, full of banned commercials. Enjoy! (At least hang out to see the elephant one. You’ll thank me for it. Well, no, you won’t. But stay anyway…)… Read more

Yes. It’s an AT-AT Made of Bacon. Made of Win.

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Apparently I’m procrastinating majorly tonight. This is really a nice slice of win, tho. And hopefully earns me back some points from posting Gem Sweater. More on how they made it here –>… Read more


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Yay! In my quest for purple sparkly shoes for my Faery costume (which I found, they just haven’t arrived yet), I stumbled across some lovely polka dotted glitter Chuck Taylors. They don’t go with much, but you know, I’m a bit of a whore when it comes to the glitter. And after the last few weeks at work, I decided I wasn’t going to deny myself this latest bit of frippery. So here they are: Oh, and here’s me sort of working them. Sort of. I’m not fond of the way I photograph, but really, who cares?? It’s not the most flattering of angles, but hey, I’m wearing’em.… Read more