New Netbook FTW

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I bought a new netbook this past week. As much as I loved my little pink NC10, it was becoming rather obvious that the LCD was breaking down. I may attempt to get it fixed later, but in some ways the netbooks are almost disposable for the price. It lasted nearly three years of fairly heavy use and massive amounts of transport. In other words, it served its purpose.  (And I can write off the expense of a new one, so I don’t mind shelling out.) I adore my netbooks – I love their convenience, their size, and the fact that I can still run Photoshop CS5 without issue. They’re self contained, have wi-fi and a fair amount of hard drive space and you really can’t beat the price for what you get (most are well under $400). And no, I didn’t even remotely entertain the thought of an iPad.… Read more

Geek Princess

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So I bought a netbook today. Kind of a mini laptop – it only has a 10 inch screen, but it does have 2 gigs of memory and 160 gig hard drive. No optical drives, but I’ve got an external cd/dvd drive at home so that’s no big deal. Besides, most of what I need to install on it can be done via thumb drive, external HD or downloaded. So, why did I buy it? I already have a beast of a computer at home, and I’m certainly no stranger to the gaming laptop (I’ve owned two Alienwares and a Sager so I know of which I speak – all 10 to 13 pounds of them). I’ve been using my work laptop for travel and writing, but it’s on its last legs. Between the fact that it’s nearly 3 years old and all the scripts/big-brother crap the office keeps pushing… Read more