Boy-Crazy Girl Child

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My nearly 3 year old is crazy. Well. Maybe not. But I’m beginning to wonder how much trouble I’m going to have with the little darling when she hits her teen years. She’s already rather interested in boys. Case in point – when she saw the David Garrett video I was watching, she asked if she could “eat him.” (erm, get in line, honey). Actually what she said was “Who is that? Can I eat him? Can I eat his sweater?” The mind boggles, I guess… During our summer vacation, we visited one of our favorite pizza joints. Food was good, as it always is, but the table next to us was being served by a young guy named Rocky. Now admittedly, Rocky was pretty damned good looking, but as soon as Lucy saw him, her mouth just dropped open. Ignoring us and the her dinner, her eyes just followed… Read more