Merry Merry…

…and all that jazz.

I had a few other things to say today in this post, but I’ve been feeling a little down – I went to see Rogue One last night and it was a bit disheartening to get the AP notification that Carrie Fisher had had a heart attack *while* I was mid-movie.

(And the movie was pretty good – as a transitional piece, I liked it – I don’t know if it would stand on its own so much, but as a piece of the overall Star Wars lore it works.)

But as far as years go, 2016 has been a bit of a shitfest, particularly when it comes to celebrities. Fingers crossed that Carrie pulls through.  🙁

All that aside, I’m expecting today to be rather smooth – presents are wrapped, dinner is planned, there’s cookies to be made and all that other fun stuff. I spent a lot of time this year making things for other people – I’ll throw those up in a separate post later since not everyone has gotten them yet and I don’t want to spoil anything. There are still a few to make, but after staying up multiple nights very late to work on stitching, I’m basically out of spoons and my arm/wrist needs a bit of a break. Hopefully I will be able to get through those in another week or so.

On an exciting note, I’ve finally got a cover artist booked for one of my indie-pubbed books coming out later this year. (Title and info to come!) 😉 Edits should be arriving shortly and I’ll start posting about that more in the next month or so. I’ve been rather absent from the writing scene for the last few years – but I’m looking forward to dipping my toes back into it – and hopefully my fans will enjoy this new series.

That being said, I hope everyone has a good holiday (whatever holiday you celebrate) and I’ll leave you with this lovely Yuuri on Ice AMV. YOI has been an utter source of happiness the last few months for me and I’m sad to see it leave (for now, ha ha). Spoilers abound below so fair warning…

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3 Responses to Merry Merry…

  1. As I read on some sites “Victurri!” LOL.
    I remember eagerly waiting for 4 pm to come around to watch episode 12 of Yuri on Ice. Since my sons took over the tv, I had to watch it on my computer. I had my headphones on so I could enjoy it. LOL. The one part with Yurio, I yelled “SOB!” because I wanted another outcome. My oldest son comes up to me “What’s wrong? What’s the matter?” I pointed to the screen and he rolled his eyes. Hehe! They did say the creator is thinking of Season 2 already. But yes, I love that closing!

    What was your thoughts on episode 10 (I think it is) the ending credits with Yuri getting drunk?

    Friend of mine gifted me with History Maker from ITunes. I listen to that song every day. It’s on my phone now. LOL!

    • allison says:

      Heh. I think, actually that the last two episodes may have been changed a bit – YOI was never intended to be anything than a single season, but it’s just exploded in popularity so much that the power that be look like they decided to make a second season (There should be a real announcement about that in April 2017, actually.) But if you look at the soundtrack, there’s actually a song “Welcome to the Madness” that was supposed to have been Yurio’s gala performance – I think the original ending probably had Yurio winning silver, Yuri winning gold and then V&Y skating off into the sunset with Viktor staying retired, etc. Esp given how in ep 10, Viktor waxed poetic about “life and love”…but who knows? I do feel that last ep was a tad rushed and not quite as satisfactory, but they had some major time constraints and I do think it was more of a last minute change, so hopefully we’ll get some more backstory and relationship stuff in the next season.

      Also ep 10 was THE BEST. And everything made so much more sense after that, esp when go to back to rewatch earlier eps and you’re like “so *that’s* why Viktor was coming on so strong!” >_<

      • Gahhh, I had thought I would’ve got an email alert when you responded to this… grrrr..

        <3 I love you! Heheh! Yeah, this week felt bereft without a Yuri on Ice episode, though I was watching both Subbed and then Dubbed.

        I heard YOI broke Crunchyroll there for a couple of hours because people rushed to watch the latest episode. I know a friend of mine, we'd leave facebook messages "Have you watched the latest episode yet."

        Yeah, I heard that the anime exceeded the creator's expectations. Due to it's huge popularity, they were considering a second scene. I hope so. I heard the creator almost omitted that scene when Viktor kisses Yuri "To surprise Yuri as Yuri surprised him" and his assistants told them to include it, that watchers would love it.

        Yes, I hope the same.

        That is why I adore you! I just rewatched Ep 10 in dubbed. I love how the closing was of that party, showing camera phone photos of the entire thing. Then ending it where Yuri's rubbing up against Viktor, telling him that his family owns a hot springs and to be his coach.

        Is it bad that I am eagerly waiting for Plushies and merchandise? I already informed my husband that when the DVD releases, it's going into my collection. I rewatch it plenty of times when I'm feeling down. It just makes me feel good!

        Now I have to find another anime to tie me over. I am watching Nanbaka (Juvenile humor) and waiting for the new season of Blue Exorcist.

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