Such Times


I’ve actually been struggling to write this particular blog post for weeks. But I’ve been scrapping it and rewriting it because I keep stopping part way through and getting severely depressed.

And I’m scrapping it again and simply leaving it with this quote, because in the end, I have to believe that we are better than this – and I need a break from the unrelenting political bullshit that just seems to go from bad to worse by the minute.

That being said, I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a peaceful holiday.

For myself, it will be kept fairly simple, with homemade Chinese food (no turkey this year, sorry!) and limited family.

Otherwise, this weekend will involve heavy bouts of Dishonored 2 (at least in *that* dystopian society I can actually make some sort of difference), sewing, writing and probably a repeat binge watch of Yuri on Ice as I wait for next week’s episode.

Seriously. Go watch it. Gorgeous animation, lovely story and some incredible music. (And bishonen. Because everything is better with bishies. Everything.)

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3 Responses to Such Times

  1. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    YESSSS! Oh man, I have been watching the subbed AND dubbed versions of Yuri on Ice. I cannot wait for that anime to come out on video.

    But yeah, I like how good Viktor is to Yuri! I have friends and we count down the days for a new episode. I’ve been telling all my anime friends they have to watch it (and Nanbaka for the laughs)

    • allison says:

      YES! And have you noticed the opening vids are changing? Getting more colorful and with backgrounds and reflections?? I love it! 😀 (And I think the Crunchyroll servers crashed a bit yesterday with so many people trying to stream Ep 8 all at once… >_< )

      • Raonaid Luckwell says:

        Oh yes! I would not be surprised!

        I have a feeling that Yuri on Ice is going to be a comfort watch for me. I cannot help but keep coming back to it. My son and husband actually watched an episode with me.

        I know I countdown the minutes until the next episode.

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