Writer’s Tears

writertearsWith a title like this, you’d probably expect a bit of authorly whining – which I’m happy to do, of course – but in reality, I’m just drawing attention to  a particular brand of Irish whiskey…known as Writer’s Tears.

Now, I don’t actually have a bottle of the whiskey – you can only get it in Ireland at the moment (and a few other places in Europe via email). I did try to order it online (even got my brother-in-law to try it, since his hotel has a liquor license and shipping alcohol in the mail is fairly hard to do.)

But Ireland post doesn’t ship liquids of any kind right now, so I’m pretty much out of luck unless one of you fine people is going to Ireland and wants to bring me back some.  (Hint, hint.)

However, I explained to the lovely people at the shop in Dublin that I’m an author and I just freaking love the design of the bottle so much – and they got their distillery to just mail me an empty bottle. (And honestly, I can’t drink at all anyway – painkillers and alcohol don’t mix at all, yo, so the actual imbibing would be wasted on me. Be a fun conversation piece, though.)

But as a statement, I adore the concept, so even though there’s no whiskey it, I suspect I’ll be filling it up with something else.  (Probably not *actual* tears. Though I guess I could.) I rather like the idea of writing down weekly writing triumphs and *cough* tears on snippets of paper and putting them in there. We shall see. 🙂

Forgot to post Fox & Willow’s latest page yesterday (we’re all caught up now from last week’s missed schedule) – so go check that out.

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