Ideas and Things…

With the release day of A Sliver of Shadow not too far off in the future, I’ve been playing around with what to do for unique giveaways. (Aside from book copies and trading cards and the like).

One of the things I was thinking about doing was giving away a custom commission by Aimo for a BoD or SoS sketchcard. Could be pretty much any scene from the books you wanted.  (Within artist limitations, of course.)

You can see a few others she’s done for me here if you want to get an idea of what I mean.

So, guess I”m trying to see if people would be open to that idea, and what sorts of scenes/characters they’d want to see. (Anything with Ion, Abby, Mel or Phin is easy enough. If you’re wanting a different character, I’d actually be paying a little more for character design, but that’s okay with me.)

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Also, I’m over at Reading Between the Lines today, talking a little bit about book covers, so stop on by and comment for a chance to win a bit of SoS swag. 🙂

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