Authors After Dark Schedule

Okay, here’s a little run down on what’s happening as far as the AAD con goes. I won’t actually be there for the Thursday fun, but starting on Friday, this is where I’ll be:

11 AM – Character Fail Panel
3 PM – Odd Paranormals Panel

Between 11PM – 1AM – I’ll be running the Hospitality Suite during some part of this time block. It’s also during the Mythos Ball. I haven’t decided if I’m dressing up for this or not. (even tho, yes I have elf ears and light up wings and all the rest. We’ll see.)


11 AM – Demons Panel
2 PM – 4:30 PM – Book signing
7 PM – until 1 AM – the Steampunk dinner/ball. Yes I’m totally cosplaying for this one. 😀

Otherwise, I’ll be kicking around and taking it all in. Open to pretty much anything.  Ping me on twitter @allison_pang if you want to meet up. 🙂

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