Home Again, Home Again

There’s something really nice about being able to sleep in your own bed after being gone for two weeks. (And okay, technically I was home last Monday for the day, but I was so busy getting ready for my next trip I’m not sure it really counted.)

I was so tired by the time I got home last night that I pretty much just staggered around the house and eventually crashed into oblivion. (Comes of the night before which involved 1) Getting a tattoo until 1 am. 2) Walking around Times Square for a while after that 3) Getting back to my room only to find the new neighbors awake and arguing very loudly for at least an hour 4) Roomie getting up 3 hours later to catch her flight 5) Friend texting me at 6:45 AM to ask me what I wanted to do for breakfast. >_<

I did try to sleep on the train home somewhat, but when I’m by myself I have a hard time relaxing that far. Plus I was trying to get some beta-reading done for a friend (did get some done, so yay). But I got home, got some dinner and then my energy just puddled out of me and I was reduced to watching Spongebob on the couch like some sort of zombie for a few hours. And then I tottered off to bed.

Today was better. Little bit of sleeping in. Little bit of breakfast. And then hanging out at a friend’s house with the family for a 4th of July party/barbecue. Hot and humid out (and I can’t go into the pool ’cause of the tattoo), but overall, I’m feeling pretty mellow. The past two weeks have been busy and I’m grateful to be home.

Clearly I needed to get away from the “Real World” for a while. Hopefully I can get back on the horse, wrap my polishing edits and move onto the next book with a fresh mind. 🙂

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3 Responses to Home Again, Home Again

  1. Simon says:

    Welcome home, darlin'! Tattoos FTW! Hope RWA was lovely and that you didn't implode on the UF panel!

    (I may have just used up my weekly allotment of exclamation points, too. Alas.)

  2. KathTea says:

    Ooh can I see the ink?

  3. Renee says:

    Welcome home, Zombie, lol. I had forgotten you were gone for a week before the conference, too.Ssmall wonder you're dragging. Good luck getting back into routine–really!

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