Too Many What?

Sadly, this song is actually somewhat related to my edits today. (Sorta NSFW too)

On an awesome and unrelated note? I sold the Spanish rights to A Brush of Darkness today – if all goes as expected, the translated version will be available in October of this year. 😀

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3 Responses to Too Many What?

  1. bluey says:

    Wheeee!!! FOTC FTW! And CONGRATS on the spanish rights! I'mma have to go and learn Spanish now. Only thing I know how to say is "Del helado per favore" – which I think means ice cream, please. (Which is SURE to get me into trouble someday when used in the wrong situation.)

  2. mynfel says:

    Heh. I know mostly naughty things in Spanish. And the stuff that mr myn learned on the job. (Mostly of the "Hand up! variety. LOL)

  3. Renee says:

    Congrats on selling the Spanish rights to BoD! That is awesome!

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