A Stitch in Time

Before I seriously started pursuing the writing gig, I actually had hobbies. (Aside from gaming, believe it or not).

One of those was Cross Stitching, which I’ve been doing since I was in 6th grade.  Now, the trademarks of a good cross stitcher is shown in the way the stitches are done. Traditionally, the back should look nearly as good as the front.

Alas, mine never have, but as long as the front looks good, I’m pretty happy.  Anyway, I started going through my craft bin this morning and realized how many projects I have that I’ve never started, and probably never will at this point. I’ve been collecting patterns as I go since they don’t always hang around, and there’s nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a design and then not being able to do it five years later when you’re finally ready for it.

So, I buy them. I have an odd fascination with opening a new kit and going through all the bits and pieces – the thread, the beads, the patterns. It’s the potential of what it can become that I think I like best.

Sadly, the writing has taken up so much of my free time that I’m pretty sure I’ll never manage to finish or even start a lot of them now.

One of my first –>

I was about 12 when I did this one.

<– This one hangs above my bed.

Did this one in college–>

I included my foot in the shot so you could get an idea of the size. (I like’em big and complicated.)

Teresa Wentzler is my goddess.

<– Obviously still needs to be framed. Finished it up right before Lucy’s birth. Was supposed to be for her room. I need to get my ass in gear here and start framing these suckers before my kids get too old. I’ve been working on a small one for Connor for several years now that shouldn’t have taken me nearly this long. Oy.

Early college years as well –>

This one is about as big as that dragon one above, and the colors were very interesting. One of my favorites to work on.

<– Early high school. Also pretty big. Yes, there is a big unicorn theme here.

Also? Not framed.

Yes, that also is a theme.  >_<

One small portion of the pile of projects that I will never get to –>

Sad, but you never know.

There are others that I’ve done that I couldn’t find to take a picture of and many that I’ve given away over the years as well. And one of my mother’s that she worked on for probably 10 years, but died before she could finish. I subsequently finished it and gave it to my dad in the year after she passed.

Perhaps one day I will win the lottery and spend the rest of my days writing and cross stitching.

It could happen, right? 🙂

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