A Stitch in Time

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Before I seriously started pursuing the writing gig, I actually had hobbies. (Aside from gaming, believe it or not). One of those was Cross Stitching, which I’ve been doing since I was in 6th grade.  Now, the trademarks of a good cross stitcher is shown in the way the stitches are done. Traditionally, the back should look nearly as good as the front. Alas, mine never have, but as long as the front looks good, I’m pretty happy.  Anyway, I started going through my craft bin this morning and realized how many projects I have that I’ve never started, and probably never will at this point. I’ve been collecting patterns as I go since they don’t always hang around, and there’s nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a design and then not being able to do it five years later when you’re finally ready for it. So, I… Read more