Sunday Night WTFkry

I can’t decide if this is WTFkery or not.

On one hand, I can’t imagine taking an 8 year old into A&F to do any sort of shopping, but then, I can’t actually imagine shopping at A&F period. Still, I guess the idea of actually padding a string bikini for anyone under the age of 14 seems a little…sad.

Sure, I get that a lining would definitely be appropriate, but padded? Eh.  Over-sexualization of children or overreaction?

I *will* say there is some WTFkery going on at the A&F site, though. This is the actual product link now.

However, someone at managed to snag a screen shot of the thing a little while ago, and it was clearly listed as a “push up”. That does seem a bit excessive, if you ask me.

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