Monday…and Contest Winner!

Clearly I didn’t blog yesterday…but since I hit you guys up like three times on Friday, I figure a little overlap is okay. Besides, yesterday was a bit of a cluster, so I will give myself a pass on that.

I spent about 12 hours off-roading with the family on Saturday. Off-roading isn’t generally my thing, but I can usually get some writing done on the way down and back (usually a few hours each way), so that’s always worth something.  Plus it was a nice family day and those are becoming a bit more rare than I’d like, so I wanted to take advantage of the time while I could.

Sunday…started off with good intentions. I dragged mr myn out to look for a new treadmill (finally – I know I’d said I was going to get one like two months ago, but things just didn’t work out until yesterday). And I did buy one. We squeezed it into the truck (with the help of some twine) and got it home.

Of course the guy at Dick’s said we could just open the box and take it inside a piece at a time (since the box weighed about 250 pounds.) And that was sort of true. He also said there were wheels at the bottom of the big piece. Which wasn’t so true. I mean, yes, there were wheels, but not at an angle that could actually be used to get it in our house. So we enlisted the help of a neighbor or two and carried it to the back of the house and into the basement. (And I say “we” only because I was there and watching. Supervising, if you will.)

Unfortunately mr myn tweaked something in his *own* back and may be out of commission for a few days. The irony isn’t lost on me, though I have the utmost sympathy. Of course, the treadmill hasn’t been put together yet either, so I know what tonight’s “What can Allison screw up?” project will be.

Aannnyway. I did put Tumbleweed to work in her little hedgehog ball last evening (with all the names of the people who entered the Trading Card contest written on index cards in a circle around her…)  And the card she ran over first belonged to….kyatty2007!!!

So, kyatty2007, please send me an email with your mailing address and I’ll get your cards out to you as soon as I can! 😀

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