Back in the Saddle

Funny thing about having a book published? The world keeps turning.

The last few weeks have been pretty stressful as far as the writing front goes. The blog tour and interviews, while fun, definitely took a much bigger chunk out of my time than I realized. It’s a necessary evil, particularly for a debut author, since it’s all about getting the word out, showing people who you are and what you’ve written. It’s a balancing act too, because as much as we’d love to just shout to the world “Hey, buy my book!” – we really can’t.

Or you can, but I think the hard sell isn’t always a great way to go, particularly on Facebook or Twitter. We already get so much visual debris being hurled at us on a regular basis as it is. I would think a constant blare of “Look at me! Buy my stuff!” would get mentally filtered pretty quickly.

At any rate, I finally sat down last night and realized I didn’t have any more guest posts to write (aside from my normal Word Whore and LoRA gigs). It’s like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, because I honestly haven’t been getting as much book writing done as I wanted to. And that’s just due to the real life schedule. My writing time is in the evenings around 10 PM. After the work day and the kids and all the rest of it, I would usually limp through my 1000k and go to bed…but after trying to write additional blogs posts or interview questions, my brain was just turning into mush. I’d get 200 words out and be passing out at the keyboard. Trade off of the moment, I guess.

But tonight? Nada. (Well, okay, Dragon Age 2 is out…but I will be a good kitty and not play until *after* the writing is done.)

Can’t wait to see what I come up with.

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