Counting Down

A few weeks ago I had taken Connor (who is 7) to the bookstore for Christmas shopping and I showed him the place on the shelf where the book would go:

Connor: “Oh, you mean Hairbrush of Darkness?”

Me: “Yes. Isn’t that cool?”

Connor: “Yeah. Who do you think is going to buy it?  Probably no one.”

*long pause and look of abject horror as he realizes what he just said*

Me: “Well, you may be right. I hope not.”

Connor: “God, I am *such* a jerk. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it, Mom.”

And I don’t think he did. I think he was just trying to make “adult” conversation and sort of spouting off at the mouth. Of course the rest of the day he kept coming over to hug me and tell me what  jerk he was. Still. Sorta hard to have an ego after that. LOL.

It’s funny. I’m not sure where I thought my head would be at this point. I’m about five days out from publication. All around me people are getting excited. Am I going to have a launch party? What will I do to celebrate? Am I nervous?
Well, yes to the nervous bit, but it’s a surreal nervousness. I know it’s coming, but my brain hasn’t really wrapped itself around the concept. I don’t think there will be a party on the day, anyway. Mr myn actually has to work, so we’re kind of stuck there (though I have heard rumors of a visit to The Melting Pot the following night.). I may stop by the local B&N and take a few pictures of the book in the wild. Probably start bawling.

Owly Images

I actually sent out a few signed copies today – a few for close friends, a few to contest winners. Felt a little odd because I hardly know what to write on them. “Stay cool?” “Eat your bacon?” But they’re out now, for better or worse. A little like sending the babies out to new parents or something.
And yes, I get that my book isn’t my baby and all that, but it’s fun to pretend. See? Danielle feels the same way! –>

Such proud, proud book mamas we are. LOL.

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