Bra WTFkery

It’s a bra! It’s red! It’s sexy! It’s a sexy red bra!

That doubles as a face mask.

Clever, especially given the times we live in today.

According to their website:

The goal of any emergency respiratory device is to achieve tight fixation and full coverage. Luckily, the wonderful design of the bra is already in the shape of a face mask and so with the addition of a few design features, the Emergency Bra enhances the efficiency of minimizing contaminated bypass air flow.

– Emergency bra shoulder straps which easily convert into adjustable head straps, providing firm fixation of the mask

– Flex inserts along the top rim of the bra caps which allow to shape the masks tightly around the nose bridge area

– Inner cap liner/filter which acts like a butterfly valve during inhale cycles

Erm. They’re also quick to point out that first and foremost, the ebra is a beautiful piece of lingerie. You know, in case you were fooled by that flaming red color.

They only run about $30 though, so maybe it’s a worthwhile investment? Check out more about the ebra here.

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7 Responses to Bra WTFkery

  1. katiebabs says:

    WTfckery for the win!

  2. Danica says:

    I know I've heard about this before…somewhere, but this is the first time I've seen a picture. I wonder if more women would go into um waste management if they had these bras?

  3. KAK says:

    Men everywhere rejoice! You now have another plausible justification for jabbing your head in a woman's bosom.

    Thank god they come with TWO cups, so you can share with a friend, but if you're an A-cup then that friend better be a small child under 40lb. If you're an E-cup, well, then, you get to share with the Incredible Hulk or a Decepticon.

  4. mynfel says:

    I've got dibs on Optimus Prime. Who I realize is an Autobot, but so what? Of course, I'm not an E-cup either, so perhaps this entire argument is moot?

  5. Amie Boudreau says:

    well.. all I can think is God help you if you wear a DDD and need to use it for a face mask.. ahem.

  6. Laura Bickle says:

    Dude! I actually ran across this device while doing research for ROGUE ORACLE. It was apparently invented by a Chernobyl survivor. I couldn't work it into the story, though…

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