Raiders of the Lost ARC

Just another quick post before I hit the road, but I wanted to shout out to awesomesauce editor Danielle for surprising me yesterday with the ARC for BoD.

*squees madly in the hotel room*

Ahem. Anyway, I should be getting a few more copies soon and I’ll figure out a way to get them to people.

In the meantime? I’m sorer* and poorer for my weekend in glorious NYC, but relaxed and very, very happy. Max Brenner has the most *awesome* crunchy mac-n-cheese btw. It’s got bacon in it. BACON.

And speaking of bacon, I’ve got breakfast waiting for me in about 45 minutes with awesomesauce Colleen Lindsay AND awesomesauce Suzie Townsend. So, I’m off and I’m outtie.

* Get your minds out of the gutter. I did a shitload of walking the last few days. My feet and legs and back are killing me.

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