Bionic Woman

Not really.

Heading back to PT tomorrow for another round of treatments for the SI Joint dysfunction – aka – the big pain in my ass. Literally.

Last round of PT did help and I was doing much better until RWA National. Don’t know if it was sitting on the plane, or walking around at the con or too much prancing in those lovely boots, but this sucker pops out at least once or twice a week now.

Been back to the doc’s twice to get it realigned (including once last week. Two hours later it had already popped back out.) I can sometimes get it to go back in myself, but due to the hyper-mobility issue it’s really, really hard to get it to reinsert.

I usually get stuck contorting myself into some horrible angle every few hours and then…*pop*. It snags back in.

It’s driving me crazy.

I have dabbled with the idea of getting prolotherapy.  The only real problem is that it’s considered experimental so insurance doesn’t cover it. Never mind that the ancient peoples practiced a version of it or anything. (Hippocrates treated injured rotator cuffs of javelin throwers back around 400 B.C. with hot lances to create small amounts of scar tissue around the shoulder joint.) Guess we’re a little less barbaric these days with our shiny little needles of glycerine.

It runs about $500 a treatment. Doc says I would probably need at least four. And there’s no guarantee it will work.


I suspect I’m going to be heading in this direction regardless, but one of the caveats is that you can’t take any anti-inflammatories during the process (since it’s that reaction in the body that helps create the scar tissue). Maybe when I’m done with this second book and I can spare a little more time for pain I’ll think about it again.

So, back to PT.

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