First Pass Pages!

I have to admit there’s something very, very cool about actually seeing a book really start to come together.

My FPPs came in on Saturday – and essentially it’s the book, set with the fancy type-set that will be used when it goes to print. And hey, look! I have a *faery* for each of my chapter headings!!! 🙂

(The pages aren’t bound, but you can see the edges where they would be cut for the real thing.)

I get a few weeks now to do another proof-read and make sure the changes I wanted got added (or removed) and that there aren’t any glaring typos or mistakes. And awesomely enough the due date pretty much coincides with the weekend I’m heading up to New York anyway (and having lunch with Danielle and Suzie, yay!), so I’ll be able to save on postage and just hand it to Danielle directly.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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