Sunday Morning WTFkery

So, apparently I don’t listen to the radio enough these days. But mr myn was kind enough to fill me in on this new dating service called “Cougar Life”. Apparently the radio jingle goes: “Do you want to F*ck a Cougar?” (with the f-bomb bleeped out.)

You stay classy,

Of course the sad thing is that I turn 36 in about 2 weeks – which puts me right at the beginning of Cougar territory, at least according to these guys.

On the website, cougars are listed as being:

Women in their PRIME: independent, sexy and wildly successful. They enjoy men that are youthful, fit with the same zest for life. Cougars are classy, confident women that already possess many of the finer things in life — but now want the young, hot guy to go with it.

I dunno. I’m neither SEXY nor wildly successful, so I suppose that crosses me out. *snerk* My ad would probably read like this: (And yeah, I’m married with babies – but let’s pretend here.):

Cougar with mom-ass and muffin-top searching for young man with abs of steel. Must keep toilet seat down. Must also be willing to do his own laundry. Please don’t fart in bed. Thank you.

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3 Responses to Sunday Morning WTFkery

  1. KAK says:

    bwahaha! I think I'll steal that description and just change "mom-ass" to "sloth-ass."

  2. palabart says:

    Hell, Ali. From where I sit dating a cougar wiould be robbibg the cradle.

  3. Simon says:


    But hey, at least they're objectifying women in their 30s and up instead of their 20s and under. I've always though the 30+ lady set wasn't given the same opportunities in that regard. Thanks, Cougar Life, for upping the bar on objectification!


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