RWA 2010 Recap

I blew off the Rita/Golden Heart awards on Saturday night to go to the Magic Kingdom.

Not because I wasn’t interested in them, or that I didn’t admire those who were up for winning. Just that it was the end of a long week and I couldn’t stomach another sit-down dinner and two hours of clapping.

Of course, it’s not like Disney World was pain free either. We missed the cut off to get the reduced rate tickets so we ended up paying full price at 6pm. (which is $84, btw. Hello,and bend over.) We got in line for Space Mountain. 20 minutes later, Space Mountain broke down. DW gave us Fast Track tickets for use later.

We made it to the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. I bought a Pirate Princess hat and proceeded to prance about the park wearing it for the rest of the night. Both electric parades were canceled due to brewing thunderstorms that never happened. And by the time we looked for a place to eat it was 9:05 and all the nicer places closed at 9. So we ate hotdogs on the sidewalk with the rest of the hot and sweaty masses before heading back to Space Mountain and fast tracking our way through the now 70-minute wait time.

Was it worth it? I thought so. (As did my cohorts – Jeffe Kennedy, Laura Bickle, and Linda Robertson). And then we hit the bar to hang with Stacia Kane for a bit, but I ended up crashing early  – I had to pack and the shuttle left at 5:40 AM.

So, as far as the rest of the week goes – I’ve already posted about the awesomeness of the SteamPunk FF&P Gathering and my neurosis about author signings. I didn’t mention hitting Downtown Disney two days in a row for awesome company (again with Laura and Linda one day and Renee and Carrie on another) Said trips included stopping for lunch at Raglan Road and House of Blues, respectively. Full of NOMs.)

Thursday night was the Pocket Party – we were bused to Epcot for a private dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant and then were given front row seats to the fireworks show (including a massive dessert set up.) After which we headed back to the bar at the hotel and I got to rub shoulders with Shayla Black, Kelly Gay and Kresley Cole, among notable others.)

The rest of the time was sort of a blur of networking (Nikki Enlow totally kicks ass, btw), workshops, fab food, and yes, even getting a little work in. And also? Massively huge rice krispie treats.

With chocolate.

Yes. I ate the whole thing.

In two sittings.

Totally worth it.

Just sayin.

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10 Responses to RWA 2010 Recap

  1. Renee says:

    Glad you had a good time here in O-town, even though you had to pay full price for admission that evening! I remember those wicked large Rice Krispy cookies from our walk around Downtown Disney on Friday. You finished the WHOLE thing? I am impressed! Glad you got to meet some of your fave authors, too! Next year it will be you!

  2. Karen Hooper says:

    Mmm, I love Disney desserts. 🙂
    You did miss some great speeches at the RITA dinner/awards, but Disney is totally worth the sacrafice.

    Great pics!

  3. LynnM says:

    Missing the hamster…I hope I didn't overfeed him…Lol.

  4. mynfel says:

    Nah – wherever it was hosting was causing this page problems with loading, so I had to kill it…

  5. mynfel says:

    Heh. I kind of *did* want to go to the Ritas to see all the dresses, etc. – But it was still fun ditching. 

    I had no idea you were there! We should totally have hooked up for lunch or drinks or something. 🙂

  6. mynfel says:

    Yup. The whole thing. 1/2 at the bar that night and 1/2 for breakfast the next day. LOL!

  7. Danica says:

    Glad you had fun. Okay, I'm a little jealous you missed out on chicken dinner 54928 of the conference, but I survived…even if those chickens didn't. Definitely going to NYC next year. Glad I got to say "hi", even if it was only in passing!

  8. mynfel says:

    Oh yeah. I'll be there for sure!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Hope PETA isn't listening…

  10. Renee says:

    Breakfast of champions!

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