RWA 2010 Recap

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I blew off the Rita/Golden Heart awards on Saturday night to go to the Magic Kingdom. Not because I wasn’t interested in them, or that I didn’t admire those who were up for winning. Just that it was the end of a long week and I couldn’t stomach another sit-down dinner and two hours of clapping. Of course, it’s not like Disney World was pain free either. We missed the cut off to get the reduced rate tickets so we ended up paying full price at 6pm. (which is $84, btw. Hello,and bend over.) We got in line for Space Mountain. 20 minutes later, Space Mountain broke down. DW gave us Fast Track tickets for use later. We made it to the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. I bought a Pirate Princess hat and proceeded to prance about the park wearing it for the rest of the night.… Read more

What’s in a Name?

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I bought a few pity books at the Literacy Signing yesterday, mostly from writers I’d never heard of and a few in genres I never read. I’m not entirely sure why. I’ve been in a heady sort of limbo the last few days. With my PAN status I’ve been elevated to one of the coveted slots, being identified as a published author…but without an actual book to pimp. And it’s a weird thing to be around so many people, where they look at your face and then half a second later their eyes drop to your badge – like an instantaneous judgement – are you PAN? PRO? neither? an industry professional? Are you *someone*? And you can see the dismissal as people evaluate and move on. On the other hand, I’ve had perfectly lovely conversations with strangers in the hallway or at the luncheons, where once you get past the… Read more

Outta Here!

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Alrighty peeps! I am on my way to Orlando for RWA 2010! (Well, actually I’m still in the middle of packing, but near enough, right?) So, my point is that my posts may be slightly scarce for the next few days. They also might not be – really sort of depends on how much updating I feel like and how many incriminating pictures there are. You know. When I invade the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and make out off with Jack Sparrow. *cough* Just sayin’.… Read more