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First off, I just want to give a big shout out to Darchala for putting up with my artistic demands. (She’s running a contest on DA, btw, so go check it out if you’re the artsy sort.)

She was also kind enough to draw me this sketch of Melanie, one of my secondary characters in Brush of Darkness (though I suspect she’s got enough character of her own to warrant her own book at some point. I’d love to do it anyway.)

Anyway, the reason I brought it up is because my official website is now technically up, although woefully thin on content. But stop by Heart of the Dreaming if you would. It’s still a work in progress in places, but if you find any bugs or issues, please let me know. (And Dar did the awesome banner at the top of Abby, Brystion and Phin, so big *hugs* for that).

And if you have suggestions for content, I’d love to hear that too. Once I get my book cover up there (and a couple of sample chapters) I think things will be a bit better, but hey, I’m trying. 🙂

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