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I finally managed to get my outline finished last night. (Yeah, I guess I tend to cut it close.) But the key thing is that it is done and I have something to aim for. And seeing as I have to finish and polish the MS up by November, that doesn’t leave me a huge amount of time.

The good thing is that 40k has already been written – bits will have to be changed here and there, specifically because the circumstances of Brush of Darkness changed- but it’s doable.

I have to say that writing an outline really is a challenge for me. There are places where I might have considered fleshing out some of the ideas, but I didn’t really want to. Not because I can’t or because of laziness or whatever, but just because I’m not ready to know everything that happens just yet – and I won’t until I actually start writing that scene.

Interestingly enough, whilst lamenting my plight on Twitter the other night, I heard from other pantster authors who made mention of the fact that they write their outlines too – under the assumption that it’s not actually going to be the book they’re going to write. Which I get. But I also feel like that’s a waste of time – if I’m going to have to write an outline, I might as well attempt to have it actually be what I want the story to be about.

Guess I’ll have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, Jeffe’s BDSM novella is out now! Go buy it from LooseID. Right. Now.

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