Emptying the Well

I had trouble thinking of something to talk about on today’s post. Maybe it’s editing let-down. Or just that I’ve been pouring every free moment of time into the book – now that I’ve got a day or two of freedom, I’m feeling a tad lost. 

And yes, I have the book 2 stuff to work on – but honestly, I wanted to give myself a few days to recharge (or refill the well of words, if you’re interested in book metaphors. Ha.)

It’s a weird feeling because I’m constantly having to remind myself that I *don’t* have to edit tonight. I am, however, completely absorbed in Jacqueline Carey’s latest – Namaah’s Curse. Read over 300 pages in 4 hours last night, if that tells you anything – though now I’m trying to slow it down a bit, simply because I don’t want it to end.

I think, too, I’m still fretting over my edits – is there anything else I could do to make the story better? Am I forgetting something? Do I need to add more? Remove it?

It’s probably just a combination of standard panic and suddenly realizing that I’m going to toss it out there into the world and what if it’s not Good Enough? I’m guessing these are pretty standard doubts for the budding author to have – or maybe even the more experienced ones, but hopefully I’ll figure it out as I go along.

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