Edits for the Win, Baby!


I was up until 3 on Saturday and 2:30 last night, but they are *done*.

It’s a relief and bittersweet all at once, honestly. I’ve been working on this puppy for nearly two years now. It’s hard to imagine not being able to go back and just “tweak” a few things whenever I feel like it. It’s terrifying, in a way. Aside from line edits, there’s nothing else to be done. 

Except work on Book 2, which I will be calling A Comb of Darkness. (Thanks KAK, you big weenie). I’ve even got a photoshopped nightmare of a cover in mind, but not one I’m working on today.  Iz tired, you know. But truthfully, my head has been turning more and more to the next story – I’m rather excited about it.

So there we have it. I’m running through one final read (just to make sure I wasn’t out of my head at 2 AM when I was finishing up) and then I will send it off.


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