The Logic of a Labor of Love?

Okay – the picture has nothing to do with anything, except it struck me terribly funny. At least for about ten seconds.

Subsequent viewings continue to make me laugh, so I’m posting it.

Anyway, my edits are due in five days. Five. I’ve found myself panicking at the edge of the wee hours as I continue to rework the end. There are a number of gaps that I didn’t mesh together quite right when I rewrote a large chunk of the story. Things that made sense before are either no longer needed or get explained elsewhere…or, as I discovered the other night, no longer make any sense at all.

It’s put in me in a bit of bind, since I’m basically out of time. I did spend a fair amount of time going over it last night, and jabbering away at Jeffe around midnight. I was just on the edge of making it work, but it wasn’t quite there. Sometimes just hashing it out with someone else can jiggle things loose (even if she didn’t know all the details – my mind did, and that’s all I needed.)

It’s a weird feeling. On one hand, it’s exciting because I’m right on the edge of discovery, but it’s also pretty frustrating, especially given the time crunch. But I think I’ve got it under control – there’s just one little bit left that I need to really look at and then I think I’ll be good to go.

Now if I can just stop lying awake and wondering if I have enough stories to last for the next several years, I’ll be all set. 

Tonight, however, it’s about baking cake for mr myn’s birthday. (Not pie, mind you. Never pie.)

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