Getting it All Straight…

So it occurs to me that I really ought to figure out a nice, quick way to answer people when they ask “So what is your book about?”

The truth of it is, I still feel like a bit of an ass talking about it…not because I’m ashamed of it – but I’m still that uncool kid back in high school. When people ask that question, I get the feeling they’re hoping I’m going to give them some sort of “literary” answer that they understand. (And maybe I ought to just come up with a nice elevator pitch or something. “Rebel Without a Cause meets Sound of Music”?) Most of them aren’t genre readers – not even fantasy/sci-fi that I could at least strike out some common ground with. Sure, they’re excited I’m getting pubbed, but mention the word Faery and suddenly I’m relegated back to “dork” status.

Usually I just mumble something about it being a smutty Urban Fantasy and that’s okay. But then, sometimes there are questions.

“Does it have vampires? Is it like Twilight?”

“Well, I mention them. That is, they exist in the world, but I don’t have any as main characters.”


“Actually, there is a bit-character who is a werewolf, but it’s not really about him either.”

“What’s an Urban Fantasy?”

“It’s a Fantasy story, but set in the real world. You know – like Buffy or Supernatural or whatever.”

“But you don’t have vampires?”

“Actually, um – no. But you see there is this incubus-“

“What’s an incubus?”

“Ah. It’s a sex daemon.”


“Yeah, it’s smutty-romance thing.”

“Cool. You going to quit your job?”


So, erm. Yeah. Definitely need to work on my sales pitch a bit, I’m thinking.

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7 Responses to Getting it All Straight…

  1. Kimberly Hayle says:

    I completely understand and am in the same position. I too have not nailed down my elevator pitch, write urban fantasy and don't have an easy way to sum up my characters since they are not standard to the mainstream. I'm still trying to wrap up my book, so I'll start practicing once I finish.

    It might help to figure out their frame of reference to urban fantasty before answering their questions (do they only know of Harry Potter and Twilight or is their education a bit more advanced?)

    Good luck!
    ~ Kimberly

  2. Kay says:

    Can't you just give them a two sentence "pitch" — then, let them ask an intelligent question? 

    If they don't have an intelligent question, you've been polites and done your part.

  3. Lindsay says:

    This is always something I struggle with when people ask about my wip.  I usually give them the hook and let them ask questions. lol.

    Thanks for following my blog too. Glad I popped over to return the favour. I love meeting other writers. 🙂

  4. mynfel says:

    🙂  Yup. Always glad to find new people to hang with.

  5. mynfel says:

    Eh. You know – people are excited and they want to *know*…but I'm not sure they *really* want to know.

    And then they're just sort of being polite. LOL.

    I have a hard time with pitching. Or should I say – I have a hard time pitching to the average joe. I can pitch to another author or agent or whatever and that's fine, because I know they know the game and that writing is what it is. But joe coworker? Not so much. 

    Just me, maybe. 

  6. mynfel says:

    Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    And yeah – finish it up and then start the pitch process! It's all about the hook. 😉

  7. KAK says:

    It's about a bacon-obsessed unicorn who rolls around in Hello Kitty panties while trying to keep his human from getting snatched by demons.

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