Getting it All Straight…

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So it occurs to me that I really ought to figure out a nice, quick way to answer people when they ask “So what is your book about?” The truth of it is, I still feel like a bit of an ass talking about it…not because I’m ashamed of it – but I’m still that uncool kid back in high school. When people ask that question, I get the feeling they’re hoping I’m going to give them some sort of “literary” answer that they understand. (And maybe I ought to just come up with a nice elevator pitch or something. “Rebel Without a Cause meets Sound of Music”?) Most of them aren’t genre readers – not even fantasy/sci-fi that I could at least strike out some common ground with. Sure, they’re excited I’m getting pubbed, but mention the word Faery and suddenly I’m relegated back to “dork” status. Usually I… Read more