Early Morning WTFkery

I found myself looking through old ads the other night – those sexist ones from the 50s? Yeah, I thought they were pretty amusing at first, but as I delved a little further, I found plenty more and then it started to piss me off.

So, I figured I’d post a few of them here. (That and I spent most of yesterday completely offline for various reasons, the main one being massive amounts of editing. Probably going to be much the same time today.)

1) Hmmm. Yeah. Blow it in her face dude.

2) You *have* to click on the picture link here and read the fine print. It’s fucking unbelievable.

3) Yeah, we’re pretty useful all right. Let me just get back in that kitchen and make you some pie.

4) Okay. I don’t even know what this is supposed to be selling.

(But there were many ads showing women being spanked, so clearly they needed to sell a lot of it.)

Hmmmm…You know what would make me feel better? Reverse sexism.

I don’t know what he’s selling either.

But I want some.


Don’t you feel better now?

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