Lord of the Edits.

I spent 13 hours straight editing my book on Saturday. A bit less than that yesterday, though mostly because SnarkyNavyWife was in town and we needed to meet up for lunch.

Both of these things were made possible because mr myn took the kids out of the house for pretty much the entire weekend, a fact for which I am terribly grateful.

I do regret not being able to enjoy the sunshine much on Saturday, but unfortunately, deadlines don’t wait on the weather. On the other hand, I got a tremendous amount done (including about 2500 new words written), so I suppose that’s the trade off.

Much of this editing isn’t really about writing new stuff so much as reorganizing what I have.  I feel like I’m constantly going back and forth and pulling out details at one spot and shoving them into another. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t and I’m forced to reevaluate the scene in question. It’s a bit like shoe-horning a 1988  Mercury Cougar V8 into a truck. ** It *might* work. It might not.

It might also cause the engine to blow up, but who’s counting?

Which is another issue. I’m finding myself questioning the validity of certain scenes. There are several that I really, really like…but now I’m not sure if they need to be here. It’s entirely possible they might fit better in book 2, or that I may never actually end up using them at all.

I’m also seeing places where I ham-handed elements into scenes to make the thing fit into the romance mold. As I pull those pieces out, other parts are starting to unravel, but it’s not always a bad thing.

There’s certainly a lot more action in this iteration of the book (and I don’t mean sexually). Just that Abby overall is less passive than she was and there’s a lot more going on that she has to deal with.

In either case, I’m suspecting this first pass of rough edits should be done some time next week, assuming I get another solid chunk of uninterrupted time. Here’s hoping, anyway. 🙂

** Go on. Ask me how I know this. 

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