Buckling Down

I got on the scale this morning for the first time in a while and it’s not overly pretty. Okay, it’s not pretty by about five pounds, but still. Which irks me, because it’s not like I didn’t see them sneaking up on me, but here they are. Though maybe it’s more like ten since last year, five since the Fall? Still full of suck.

I can make the excuse that I had surgery and that slowed me down a bit, but it’s been several months, so that doesn’t really count anymore. On the other hand, I really piled on those second and third helpings of mac and cheese over the holidays and I’m starting to see the results of that.

Plus, as I’ve noted before, I’m a bit of a stress eater, and I like to eat to relax – when I’m reading, when I’m writing, when I’m playing WoW. I’d broken myself of that habit a few years ago, but clearly I’ve slacked off on the discipline.

I’m not one for resolutions, because they’re too easy to break – particularly with what can be seen as short term goals – i.e. losing weight for that big trip, for example. Once the trip’s over, there’s no more motivation, so it falls away and you’re right back where you’ve started. Guess that’s why they call these things “lifestyle changes”, because to be successful you pretty much have to convert your entire way of thinking.

I may hop back on the Weight Watcher wagon for a little while, since I’ve found it’s helpful for me to be accountable to something external than to rely on my internal finger-waver. But in some ways, I feel like I need to do this for a number of different sides of my life – book aside, house-cleaning aside.

Don’t know if I can do it, but I’m going to try.

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