…And the Award Goes To…

Sorry – couldn’t resist. Thanks to my agent, Colleen Lindsay, for posting this on twitter today. I seriously cannot stop laughing.  (Sad thing, that so many of these tropes are terribly accurate.)

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4 Responses to …And the Award Goes To…

  1. Courtney Barr -The Southern Princess says:

    love love love this "trailer"! So creative & spot on!

    Visit My Kingdom Anytime

  2. BeegirlBlue says:

    This is fantastic! It was sensation! Emotional! Other adjectives that just repeat what I just said! All with superfluous exclaimation points! You will laugh, you will cry…you will be moistened.

  3. Simon says:

    *crying with laughter

    OMG… so… funny… abs… hurting…

  4. LynnM says:

    I think I saw this movie…..many times.

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