More Hay, Trigger? No Thanks, Roy. I’m Stuffed…

I had my first set of trigger point injections today. They weren’t particularly pleasant, but they weren’t the worst things ever, either. Essentially the doctor just injected those terrible knots with a solution of lidocaine and cortisone, which numbs the muscle and also forces it to relax. After which I went to PT (my acupuncture center does both) and they manipulated the holy fuck out of them.

I feel like a tenderized piece of meat…but the radiating pain is greatly reduced, so I’ll take that. In fact, I’m going to have to – I’ve got 5 more treatments in the next 2 weeks, on top of another MRI (with contrast this time) to determine if there’s scar tissue building up on the surgery site.

My SI joint was completely out of alignment too (my right leg was longer than my left, whee). So pain doc reset that yesterday (yes, that’s as awesomely painful as it sounds). He wants the MRI results before he attempts to treat the SI joint, which I’m guessing is pretty loose. Yay, hypermobility!

On the computer front, Dell sent me the wrong motherboard. So I’m out three weeks now without my gaming/rendering rig. Motherboard is on back order for at least 3 months, so Dell says they will just send me a whole new (refurb, bleah) computer. But I’m not holding my breath on this at all. I did order a new hard drive and a copy of Windows 7 from NewEgg in the meantime. Whatever Dell ends up sending me (and it looks like Vista OS again), it’s getting ripped out and replaced with this other drive. (I have to mail back my old computer anyway, but this way I can just send it back with the “new” drive Dell sends, and still retain my data on the original drive.)

I also opened up a dispute with Paypal against my former webhost (the one that won’t contact me, even tho I just paid for 6 months of service in January.). So what did former webhost do? Charged me a second time! So now I’ve paid for a year of service, have no access to the account and no way to get them to talk to me. I’ve set up a second dispute via Paypal and figured out how to shut off the subscription part of things. But color me bitter for Colorteck, the worst webhost in the entire world.

And now I’m going to try to figure out why the universe seems bent on kicking my ass this week. Or at least see if there’s some chocolate I can steal from someone’s cube.

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