Fashionista in Training…

So, at some point yesterday I asked Lucy to go find something to wear. She’s only three, but she’s starting to take a great deal of pride in picking out her own clothes. For the most part, unless she picks out something really funky, I’m inclined to let it slide. (Unlike Connor, who seems to have NO idea when pants are 4 inches too short, for example. Maybe that’s a boy thing?)

This is what she came up with. Seriously, all she needs is a little pair of Doc Martens, and she could go strut a catwalk somewhere.

On one hand, I find it rather interesting that she can just sort of put things together like that and actually pull it off.

On the other, there’s a part of me secretly weeping inside. I’m going to be in *SO* much trouble by the time she’s 16.

Edited to add: And NO, she wasn’t allowed to leave the house like that. Pants were definitely in order.

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