Hello Kitty Fail – Every Click a Sexy Experience!

I am always on the search for a new Hello Kitty mouse. They break, frequently, and yet I cannot help my most shameful addiction. However, Sanrio-licensed mice are pretty expensive – especially given they don’t usually last for more than a few months. Even so, I’ve paid anywhere between $24 to $50 for the real thing.

Given their propensity for destruction, this has led to a fair amount of trolling on ebay for the cheapest Sanrio knockoff I can find. ($6 from Hong Kong? *SOLD*!)

Lucy decided to help out with the photo of the latest one there, hence the feet. I got it in the mail this morning, and on first look it’s about standard for a knock-off. HK looks good…but a little off, which I can live with. Certainly, nothing about this mouse screams “sexy” to me. Unless I’m just not looking at it hard enough. But, no! If I flip it over, the directions insist that every click of this mouse will bring me a sexy experience. Seriously.

Mouse button tits? Woman’s torso?

I kinda feel icky just picking it up now. If I’d wanted a Hello Kitty sex toy, I’m sure I could have bought one of those HK “massagers” (Yes, they have those too.)

Epic Fail.

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