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Just an update post of things I have going on – which is basically my way of saying I’m going to be terribly busy in the next few months. Agents and revisions aside, as of January I’ll be taking the reins of the FF&P website as the new webmaster. Part of this is going to include moving the entire site to a new host. Unfortunately it’s written in Cold Fusion, which I’m not familiar with. The good news is that the current webmaster is going to give me the basics here, but looks like there’s going to be a lot of manual table creation (probably about 30 hours worth or so). In theory, the new host will be better for us in the long run, though only time will tell.

I’ve got several render commissions in the works now too – most of which were pushed off for November due to NaNo, but at least two of them I should be able to work through fairly quickly. I’m suspecting that my time and ability to do renders for cash is going to be severely struck down for a while, but we’ll have to see.

On the work front, I need to get Exchange certified by March. First exam is pretty much nothing but PowerShell commands. I suspect my upcoming week in Vermont is going to be spent reviewing a lot of flashcards. Don’t think I’ll have access to internet, so I suppose I should use the time for *something* productive, anyway.

And then, of course, there’s the writing. I’ve taken this past week off from even looking at it – mostly to give my head a break from the agony of NaNo, but I have to say it’s been good. Definitely a bit of a battery recharge and there’s been quite a bit of plotting going on in my head. (Of course, having to formulate a one page synopsis for Book 2 for Colleen last week didn’t hurt.) If anything, it’s managed to solidify the writing I did for NaNo into a more cohesive ending for ShadowWeaver…and MoonSong has taken on a life of its own. I’m very pleased with how both are going now. 🙂

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