Back to Work…

…or something like it. Actually managed to work from home yesterday, and while I did have to make frequent stops to go walk around or throw on an ice pack, I seem to have managed. Overall, I seem to be feeling better, though there definitely seems to be some inner pain. I think there’s a lot of stitches under the skin, so that’s understandable. Although, every once in a while, I get a cramp on either side of the staples that feels like I’m being branded. Seriously, the pain is really pretty damn exquisite…and thankfully, doesn’t last too long.

On the other hand, I feel a tad removed from the family. I can’t curl up on the couch with the kids or put them to bed and I’m starting to miss that. Hopefully once the staples come out, some of that will change. The concept of driving is laughable, so thank God I’m getting a ride to the doc’s tomorrow.

I have to laugh, though – since we didn’t really celebrate Lucy’s birthday on Monday (we’re gonna do it this weekend), mr myn went out to the toy-store yesterday to see what he could find. Which ended up in several panicked calls of “I can’t find anything.” Maybe it’s a man/girl toy thing. I often feel the same way when I shop for Connor – unless I know what I’m looking for, all those cars look pretty much the same to me. So I told him Lucy wanted Tinkerbell stuff – i.e. there’s a Tinkerbell movie, and a Tinkerbell pop up tea pot and a whole crapload of little Tinkerbell tiny things that will probably get lost and/or broken within 30 seconds of opening them. Twenty minutes later I get told Toys R Us has *no* Tinkerbell stuff. None. Completely cleaned out.

“Did you ask them?”


“Well, ask them.”

“I’ll figure something out. Do you think she’d like this Hello Kitty kitchen thing?”

“Well, probably, but if they don’t have the Tinkerbell stuff there, you may need to check Target. She really wants that teapot.”

And so on, and so forth. End of story? He did ask. And they had an entire shelf of stuff he’d missed. So Lucy is gonna get her TB (ha) movie, and her TB teapot. And a TB faery dress. And bunch of little TB toys that will get lost or broken in 30 seconds. And God help me, he got her a LightSaber too. Because, you know. She wanted one.

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