…Home again, home again, jiggity jig…

And I’m back. Interesting day overall yesterday. Didn’t go to the Mr. Romance contest. It was actually more fun to sit at the pool bar in the lovely sunshine and edit. And really, between Smart Bitches and Heather Osborn twitting the whole thing every 30 seconds (including pics), it was way better than being there. Snark has *no* better mistresses.

I did go to the Author Book Sign/Fair thing and met quite a few people. I did *not* meet Piers Anthony – I seem to have missed him, but roomie said he was a bit of a grumper, so maybe that’s ok. Did see Angela Knight, but skipped her too – I’ve been a bit let down by her attitude since I took a KoD workshop with her. Maybe it’s just me. Met Barry Eisler and chatted with him for a while. He seemed rather bemused to learn that he’d facedbooked me a few weeks ago. LOL. (And he facebooked me first, go figure!). J.A. Konrath was there as well (he had been dressed like a hunchback for the vamp ball, but I hadn’t realized it at the time) and I had a nice chat with Jaye Wells.

Bought a number of signed copies of stuff from various authors I’d met throughout the conference, including the “Beyond Heaving Bosoms” book from Smart Bitches. I cannot recommend this book enough. I have been giggling my ass off since I bought it. Sarah signed it for me and introduced me to Jane of Dear Author. We talked about Lady Softness. Sarah twitted me talking about Lady Softness. If I include a reference to it in my manuscript, it will automatically be given a grade up in a DA review. (I imagine that’s a wee bit tongue in cheek. Just a wee bit, mind.) Still, funny as hell. And so were their boob cookies.

Last evening was a bit of a let down – the Dorchester “Poolside Party” was not much of anything. Sure, they gave away a few books, but it was after the Mr. R contest and the Author Book Fair and most people appeared to have left. And the music was lame again.

DJ Weasel == fail.

Roomies and I packed it in early and hit the hot tub for the last time.

Ergh – do need to mention the best fail of the trip was when this hag cougar woman in a red dress and a wig (and who had been hanging all over Mario Acevedo at the next table over), started oohing and ahhing over one of the Mr. Romance guys (Jeremy) to the point that that she actually put his finger in her mouth.


At which point he was like “Please don’t do that,” and left the bar for a while. I felt bad for him, but he came in 3rd in Mr. R, so there’s some karma for you, I suppose.

So now I’m home and it’s back to the grind and more serious blogging. (ha) And then off to Canada. Whee!

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