Last Day

Wah, pictures. You can just see the tip of my ear from this angle. Working on a getting some more. Think someone tagged me on Facebook, but I have to find out who/where. Also looking from some full body – I know the RT staff took some. Anyway, Vampire ball was *way* cooler overall – and much, much, much better music. 3 hours of dancing? No prob. Two hours at the bar? Yup. Hot tub? Sorta. People seem to have found it and it was extremely crowded last night so we just stopped and dipped our feet in it. And then I was up until 3 something debating erotica with the roomies.

My last pitch went very well – got a full manuscript request from Tor, as well as a synopsis request for the next two books. I will be editing and polishing my ass off for the next few weeks as I really need to get the ms sent off within the month. But it’s written, so in theory the hard part is done. (That’s a theory, mind. Ask me again in a few weeks.)

No workshops today. There’s the Mr. Romance contest, some mixers and a Pool Party dance tonight, but I think overall I’m just gonna hang out at the pool for a while today and make it actually look like I’m in Florida. Haven’t really seen much of the sun this week due to the convention stuff.

Now, off to find something to eat and to get my Tarot cards read by Arwen.

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