What Price, Beauty?

So I went to the hair dresser today. Haven’t got my hair cut since October, at which point Hair Cuttery immediately went on my shit list. I’m a simple gal. I like simple cuts. Simple as in – yeah – wash it and trim like 2 or 3 inches off it. *Maybe* a little layering*. The HC people, after leaving me hanging for an hour (and then saying my name had never got in the system), took three inches off the bottom and then took five or six for the “layer” effect. It was butchered. I nearly cried. I looked like a motherfucking poodle with two totally different lengths of hair.

So, I’ve been trying to let it grow out. Went to a new place today. A local spa. I am happy. They fixed. They smoothed. They trimmed. Nothing crazy, just a little evening out. They waxed my brows. Yay.

It was more expensive, but I’ll pay it if it keeps me from looking too freakish. Admittedly the wax chick got some wax on my eyelid and my eye kept sticking to my face every time I blinked, but I’ve got nice neat brows now. Wooooo. Of course, it probably didn’t help my reputation at work any as I stood in the bathroom, valiantly trying to scrub the shit off. I got a lot of “OMG, are you ok?” comments. Admittedly, my eyes tear like a motherfucker when I get my brows waxed, so between that and my smeared eyeliner, I looked like I’d been bawling pretty good. Ah well. It’s a good thing I work behind the scenes, that’s all I can say.

These days, it’s the little things. I’m probably going back in a week or so for a pedi/mani thing, just to get all nice before RT. Not that anyone’s going to be looking at me, but that’s ok. I’ll know, and that’s all that counts.

So now I’ve only got a few weeks to go before RT. Got all my stuff pretty much ready. Still writing. Still on the edge of wondering if it’s good enough, will it *ever* be good enough? Am I going to fall flat on my face? It probably doesn’t matter, but damned if I won’t be walking on eggshells anyway.

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