What Price, Beauty?

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So I went to the hair dresser today. Haven’t got my hair cut since October, at which point Hair Cuttery immediately went on my shit list. I’m a simple gal. I like simple cuts. Simple as in – yeah – wash it and trim like 2 or 3 inches off it. *Maybe* a little layering*. The HC people, after leaving me hanging for an hour (and then saying my name had never got in the system), took three inches off the bottom and then took five or six for the “layer” effect. It was butchered. I nearly cried. I looked like a motherfucking poodle with two totally different lengths of hair. So, I’ve been trying to let it grow out. Went to a new place today. A local spa. I am happy. They fixed. They smoothed. They trimmed. Nothing crazy, just a little evening out. They waxed my brows. Yay.… Read more

Ten Minutes

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It doesn’t seem like a lot of time, does it? Or maybe it’s too long – but in either case that’s all I’ve got to work with. I snagged my first choices of publishers and agents to pitch to at RT (a big surprise to me, honestly), and now it’s put up or shut up time. I get 10 minutes to convince a publisher or an agent that my work is worth reading. Actually – it’s more of a 5 minute pitch and 5 minutes of questions, but the end result is the same. The reality of it is that the pitch is nothing more than a foot in the door – it’s not a guarantee of anything other than a chance to not have the manuscript tossed on the slush pile. Still – I’d rather get my toe crushed than be standing around picking my nose. I debated it,… Read more